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Indian Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez Indian Salwar Kameez or Shalwar Kameez is a dress normally worn by North Indian and traditional dress worn by various peoples of south-central Asia. It is a traditional dress of Punjab in North India and that why it is also called Punjabi Suit and this is national dress for both men and women in Pakistan and Afganistan. Some time is instead of Salwar it is pronounced as Shalwar but basically both are referring to same outfit. The word kameez is derived from the Latin camisia ( shirt or tunic ), from which it probably made its way into various European languages (Chemise) and also into Arabic, the likely immediate source for kameez .

Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala Salwar KameezNormally the salwar of patiala salwar kameez is having a number of pleates of different styles. The fall of pleates goes back and looks like baggy with pleates. Patiala salwar is very comfortable to wear. From top, it has belt like any other traditional salwar and a long tunnel for drawstring. The upper portion like traditional salwar is wide spread or has a big room for hips and legs movements.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistani Salwar KameezThe Salwar Kameez is very popular not only in India but also in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Salwar Kameez is a national dress of Pakistani and Afghanistani people (both men and women). In these countries "Salwar" is known as shalwar and this women dress is known as Pakistani Salwar Kameez. A long shirt or a tunic is called Kameez. Latin camisia "shirt", tunic", inherited this word Kameez. The Kameez is normally straight and cut flat. Pakistani Kameez normally very loose and having decoration on neck and sleeves.

Churidar Salwar Kameez

Churidar Salwar KameezIn Churidar Salwar Kameez, the Salwar or Shalwar has more length if we compare with traditional salwar length, because wrinkles come on the ankle in churidar salwar. The top part has the belt like traditional salwar kameez and pleates also. In churidar Salwar, the upper portion of the salwar is not wide spread like traditional salwar, it is 4-5 inches loose than the hips measurements. There is a tunnel on the top portion for drawstring like the traditional salwar.

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