Banarsi Salwar Kameez

Banaras or Varanasi is one of the oldest towns in UP, North India. It is known for its silk production. The Banarasi salwar kameez matches the splendor of the fabric, embroidery, and pattern. Being rich in its feel it is the first choice for bridal couture in India. The work done on the Banarsi Salwar Kameez is chosen with great care so as not to harm the cloth. The color of the threads used is unique and are matched with the base cloth. They can either be in contrasting colors or in the same color with some bold shades. Both styles look very good and it is just a matter of choice for a woman, what she wants to go for.

Banrasi Salwar Kameez

Sometimes besides embroidery, little embellishments are also used on the cloth. But due to the delicate quality of cloth, heavy work and embellishments cannot be used on the cloth. A wide variety in contemporary styles, designs and patterns are available in Banarsi Salwar Kameez. These salwar kameez are mainly used for formal wear. One can wear them in a marriage party, engagement or a kitty party. This ensemble is bound to give an elegant feel to the woman making her feel special. The Banarasi salwar kameez is exported worldwide. New designs come in the market during November-December when the wedding season is in full swing. Some intricate patterns take almost six months to be made. Hence they are ordered well in advance. Exclusive ethnic designers like Ritu Kumar, J J Vallya, Aki Narula prefer to deploy old time artisans to do delicate craftsmanship

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