Brocade Salwar Kameez

There is a good reason which separates the rich from the poor. Take for example the brocade salwar kameez. It is not a common treat for trendy people. It is afforded by the well heeled crowd. The fabric of royalty brocade brings to mind imperial fashion fit for royalty. Brocade salwar kameez is the most appropriate ensemble for a special evening. It sets apart the trendy from the real fashion in a ceremonial event of real importance. Brocade by itself is a profound fabric. It can be identified by its embossed and designed texture. This material is used as a lining for satin. It supports the slippery fabric. Original brocade was made of silk. But now it is also made from cotton, polyester and rayon. Brocade was the staple of Chinese fabrics till it travelled to Spain, Italy and now India.

The brocade salwar kameez is definitely the one for ceremonial events. The fabric of the dreams is now made locally in Ahmedabad, Banaras, Bhopal, Aurangabad, Tanjavur and Surat. It is a ‘state robe’ brocade signifies another aspect of royalty and aristocracy. By itself the fabric has pastoral scenes, floral motifs that help in adding value to the garment. A brocade salwar kameez is expensive and should be reserved for festive occasions or weddings. With the elaborate brocade, the other parts of the garment can remain plain. This way the outfit does not look gaudy. Many designers prefer to use bits and pieces of this fabric on sleeves, daman and the borders, necklines to make an outfit more appealing.

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