Catalogue For Salwar Kameez

If one were to archive the different fashions that have come and gone, the best materials can be found in the catalogues. At one time the books used to be the bible for many exclusive tailoring units. Even today they are there. But with the entry of e-commerce the catalogue for salwar kameez has undergone vast alterations. Still one can find books that have exclusive neck designs. Some have exclusive anarkali designs in many color combinations. Various patterns of salwar kameez still can be found in them. Each style is marked and coded for reference. This helps the buyer and the tailor to know the ones that are choosen.

The online catalogue for salwar kameez has the product with a picture. There is a description of it. Important information regarding the garment is also added. Its USP, price, material, work, size, style, packaging details are also mentioned. If there is a price for shiping then even that is mentioned. The whole system is transperant. Individual websites also give client testimonials. This helps first time buyers to make an educated decision before the purchase of the garment. Other ways the catalogue for salwar kameez is laid out is in form of designs, fabric wise, occasion, wedding, bridal, casual, party, formal, festive kinds also. Pictures are given for them also. There are also new catogeries like bollywood fashions, film inspired, latest season, heroine, dress designer, and fashion studio. All the different catogeries are further classified if they are discounted, pricy or cheap. The options for payment are also simple. The catalogues are updated from time to time.

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