Chanderi Silk Salwar

Even an ordinary woman would like to be a showstopper in a social gathering. One of the best ways is to wear a fabulous chanderi silk salwar. Chanderi is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India. This is where in the central province, many generations of artisans make silk. Chanderi silk is famous for its lightweight and delecate designing. At one time it was worn only by the royalty in the area. Today it reaches gobal proportions. Exporters have made it possible for chanderi silk salwar to reach the overseas markets where NRI women live. Both saris and salwars made from this fabric can be showstoppers.

Chanderi silk thread is used to produce this textile which is in demand worldwide. It is produced using cotton, zari and silk thread. Pitlooms make the fabric designs that are sold as raw textile material. Chanderi salwar suits are made of embroidery and handmade designs. Women still love handmade materials and fabrics. Chanderi silk material is one of them. Designers extensively use the chanderi silk base for collections. They look elegant and stylish. Many designers use this silk base for sequins. This material salwar are usually used in bright colours. If the colour is bright the outfit is ideal for party wear. Chanderi silk is also used by women weddings. Designers suggest using this material to their customers for the salwar kameez suits or sarees or churidar suits. Boutiques put the catalogues for salwar kameez dresses made up of this textile and give their customers exact fittings

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