Churidar Collection

Churidar is one of the traditional Indian attire and it usually form the part of a women’s wardrobe. The different materials are available online also in wide variety and also at very affordable prices. Women can choose from stitched or unstitched materials for these churidar. Women love variety in clothing and wear according to their moods. They can wear the same style churidar also if these are stitched with different material. Churidar are worn by both men and women all over the world across Asia. Many men wear churidar kurtas at special occasions like weddings or other traditional Indian functions.

The churidar can be worn with kurtas or kameez. Churidar materials are available online as well as at many stores in different fabric and work. Many women prefer heavy material and bright colours over scuttle colours. Since churidar are made with gatherings at the bottom, it makes a women look slender and stylish. Churidar collections can be seen at many fashion weeks and also at designer stores over different cities. Traditionally kurtas are long to the knees which look good with churidar and are in vogue. Churidar can also be won with kameez which is used by many designers as outfit for women at wedding functions. Different people wear churidar with elastic and drawstring. These are also stitched with a lot of work at the bottom to make it look heavy and party wear. Churidar collection varies in quality of fabric, design and styles. These are considered as a good alternative to western clothes.

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