Churidar Dress

Churidar are usually worn with long or short kurta, frock styles kurtas or kameez. Churidar dresses have a wide variety. Churidar worn with anarkali dress are a lot in trend these days. Anarkali dresses have come a long way. They were in fashion ages ago but as history repeats itself so is the case with fashion. Designers do a lot of experimentation with churidar and anarkali dresses.

Anarkali dresses are apt for wedding functions as it gives a contemporary look to the whole outfit. The designers design these outfits as per market demands. Churidar dresses can be stitched as well as they come as readymade dresses available at stores across India. Readymade churidar dresses come with different sizes small, medium and large. These readymade dresses also come with different designs and patterns to choose from. Churidar are also worn with silk kurta by many men at different functions. Churidar pyjamas are one of the oldest attires in churidar dresses. Men excessively wear churidar kurtas with sherwanis at their wedding functions. These churidar come with many stylish materials and designs. These dresses are a lot worn by many young women and among them anarkali dresses are very much in fashion. These dresses are usually made of heavy material apart from cotton so that it creates pleads and a flair. Women in olden days used to wear Churidar pants with transparent skirts to perform at many dance functions. So a churidar has a multi functional use for men and women.

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