Churidar India

What narrow jeans are for the western lasses, the churidar is its Indian equivalent? Lovely, long legs can become the show stoppers when a simple churidar is worn.In India, young girls wear this as the perfect fashion statement. Chrudar India is synomous with ethnic style of clothing. In the past both men and women wore it. Today the men wear it for ceremonial occasions. Women wear it frequently. The earlier style featured the broad waist as it tapers towards the ankle. It was just like the breeches worn by the Lords in England when they went out hunting the woods. Indian princes also wore these breeches like costumes for playing Horse Polo, hunting and stately occasions. Then, the material used was satin or silk, appropriate for royal wear.

Today, cotton rules in the tropical weather. Long churidars are liked by young girls. The northern churidar, India, comprises of long narrow shaped trousers. They are curled at the ankle in the form of churis (also refered as bangles). Three hooks close the churis at the ankle. These days the churidar is slightly wide at the bottom for the legs to go in. They can be buttoned at the end. The latest fashion statement of Churidar, India comes in ther form of lycra material. Many girls have accepted it gracefully. They can buy the churidar separately and make a kameez or even swape from another suit from their collection. Different colors have been introduced to lend a bigger variety to the new improved suit style. The churidar is worn plain over an anarkali kamez, or tight fitting kameez. With a duppata wrapped over the shoulder it completes the ensemble.

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