Churidar Material

Ideally the churidar material should be such that it facilitates the churis at the ankles. When the material will be stitched, it should not be so tight that rash develops in the skin. Hence pure soft cotton is best. If satin is used a lining of cotton or voile is used. The skin of the thighs rubs and reddens the skin. Also the cloth gets crumpled.

Since its inception, for churidar material-cotton has been the first choice. Cotton absorbs the sweat and does not tear. It is durable and gives a comfortable fit. One can also move easily. The Kathak dancers still like to wear them while practicing their art for long hours. It can pose to be challenge when one wants to wear it for a ceremonial or state occasion. Then the churidar material has to silk, satin, crepe or handloom silk. To make it more attractive a bit of embroidery also will have to be added. This can be a challenge. With proper lining the problem can be solved. Many designers prefer to have proper lining to help their clients to wear the chuirdar suit comfortably. They are exprienced and also have talented tailors who know how to add lining to the outfit. When delicate material like chiffon, net or gauze is used, lining is a must. Subtle machine embroidery is best reflected on the churidar suit. Some churidar material comes with attractive self print of various types. They do not even need any additional work on it.

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