DESIGN PATTERNS -Salwar Kameez Designs

Design Patterns can be made with different type of work on it some popular type of works are

  • Embroidery work
  • Patch work
  • Floral work
  • Lace work
  • Bead work
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The embroided kameez salwar can be divided into two categories

1. Hand Embroided Salwar Kameez
2. Machine Embroided Salwar Kameez

Hand embroided salwar kameez is a result of the efforts done by the craftsmen. In such type of Salwar Kameez the embroidery work is not embellished with threads only. There are many decorative items that can be embroided along with the thread like sippy, stars, beads, moti, gungroo, laces, stones and jewels etc.

In machine embroided salwar kameez, the main component of embroidery is threads of different colors and fabric like cotton, polyester, silk, resham, silver, gold etc. Machine embroidery has limitation but it has better look than the hand embroided Salwar Kameez material.

There are many embroidary styles have been used in india since long time. some of them are listed here

Here are few design patterns or embroidery work submitted by different designes to share with others.

Salwar Kameez Design 102
Thread Embroidery submitted
by Anita, USA


Salwar Kameez Design 113
Mirror Embroidery submitted
by Chandra, USA

Salwar Kameez Design 118
Mirror Embroidery submitted
by Cathy, Denmark

Salwar Kameez Design 119
Mirror Embroidery submitted
by Zeentah, Singapur
Salwar Kameez Design 121
ChikanKari Embroidery submitted
by Salma, India
Salwar Kameez Design 131
Mirror Embroidery submitted
by Monica, India

Salwar Kameez Design 132
Thread & Kundan Embroidery submitted by Babita, India

Salwar Kameez Design 133
Phulkari Embroidery submitted
by Preeti Kaur, India

Salwar Kameez Design 134
Zardozi Embroidery submitted
by Seema, India


Computerised Designs

Salwar Kameez Design C005
Salwar Kameez Design by Celina Sehgal
Computerised Design
by Celina Sehgal, India
(Click to enlarge)

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