Dhoti Salwar Kameez

Credit must be given to the dress designers who take pains to introduce new creations. Take for instance, the introduction of the dhoti salwar kameez. When it was first seen on the ramp, it came as a pleasant surprise. It is considred as a creative version of the erstwhile Patiala style of salwar. It has the customary pleats and same fall at the ankles. It can be worn by men and women alike. With a unisex feel to it, and combined with a funky T-shirt, it is a bold and saucy avatar of the staid, baggy Patiala number.

Wear a dhoti salwar kameez with a short kurta/kurti. It can do wonders for a fashionable dressing sense. A dhoti originally was a single piece of garment worn by men. Just like the unstiched sarees, the dhoti was a one length unstitched garment. It is still worn in India and the wearing style has not changed. The drapes are made in the front panel and tucked at the back of the waist. A long or short kurta is worn with it.

And how is the dhoti salwar kameez made? It has the same structure of Patiala pleats but is stitched to give a look of a dhoti. The pleats are gathered at the lower waist level. At the waist are the drawstrings that hold the garment in place. In faux georgette, chiffon with delicate prints, the dhoti looks marvelous. Duppata can be made from the same material. The kameez can be made from cotton or even crepe.

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