Embroidery Salwar Suit

In the Indian sub continent there are many women and now even men who wear embroidered salwar suits. Thanks to the Hindi films that celebrate many Indian themes the fashionable quotient of the ethnic outfits have increased. Getting an embroidered salwar suit is easy. One can buy it from shops, boutiques and also online portals. Embroidery of various kinds is done in many remote villages of India. Some workers have been doing it for centuries and many generations. Some weaver families are known to have been attached to royal families in the past. With the help of designers the work is now surviving. Now that even machine embroidery can be done, it has become affordable to common people also.

The kind of work done on an embroidered salwar suit can be mild, subltle or heavy. While doing hand embroidery one can see adition of mirror chips, sippy, sitara, beads, broken bangles, laces, moti, gungroos, laces of many kinds stones and also semi-precious stones. Some of the best designs can be seen in Bollywood films. When machine embroidery is done, one can see beautiful colored threads that make the designs. Since a machine is used, often only durable and untearable fabrics like cotton, silk, crepe and satin are used. One cannot add stones or jewels or beads in machine embroidery. It has limitations but has a better finish than the one done manually by weavers.

Actresses like Rani, Priyanka, Kareena, Deepika, Kajol, Asin, Preity have been able to show of some really good looking designs.

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