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Embroidery - Bidri Embroidery

Bidri originated in a place called Bidar near Hyderabad . Bidri essentially means silver inlay on black colored metal. The style was replicated on cloth as well. The stitches are akin to Zardozi work.

Bidri comprises casting, engraving, inlaying and oxidizing. The designs are chiseled, after which pure silver wire or sheet (gold in some cases) is driven into the creases and thesurface smoothened. The pieces are warmed slowly and a solution of sal ammoniac and earth is poured on it. This imparts a jet-black color. Oil is rubbed on the piece to lock in the black coating.

Fanatically protected by practitioners, Bidri epitomizes the lifestyles of Sufis, artistic values of the Mughals and the passion of warriors to beautify their weapons.

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