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Embroidery - Soof Embroidery

Soof Embroidery involves the use of geometric patterns and is a type of counted thread embroidery. Lehar or wave is one of the most common patterns. This art form is represented by highly stylized motifs. Just before the needle is inserted the weave threads are counted. The important thing to note is that in this embroidery the stitch is worked from the back of the material. This hand embroidery is very painstaking.

Without drawing the motifs the artisan imagines the design in the mind and works it out geometrically in the reverse. Most soof patterns generally begin with a triangle. Soof Embroidery is full of rhythmic pattern motifs, which depict part of the artisan's lives apart from infinite variations of peacocks. These variations of peacocks along with various mandalas are supposed to focus psychic energies.

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