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Embroidery - Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi Embroidery is imperial metal embroidery. It has its own relevance in history as the costume of the royalty. Zardozi Embroidery is rich with intricately woven patterns in gold and silver. It is further studded with pearls and precious stones to enhance the exquisiteness of rich and glowing silk, velvet and brocade.

Zardozi embroidered garments are very popular and well known for their adeptness and have to be very delicately handled. The design is first traced on rich fabrics like silk, satin velvet, etc. After stretching the fabric on a wooden frame the embroidery work begins. Individually the Zardozi element is incorporated into the pattern by being picked up by a needle, which is then pushed into the fabric. They are excellent as elegant eveningwear and, without doubt, fit for any ceremonial wear.

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