Black Lycra Fabric

Black Lycra Fabric Ever since stretchable jeans entered the markets, comfort clothing has expanded. The limits stretch to even garments like salwar kameez or churidars. A stretchable material like Lycra has come as a boon to this traditional Indian clothing style. The black Lycra fabric spells magic for some women with shapely legs. They can be covered and yet the contours can be easily seen. Black lycra fabric has made waves in the fashion industry globally. Its advantages are multifold. It is not only light weighted but also resists abrasion.

black lycra fabric

There are no creases in black Lycra fabric. It is perfect for leggings or bottoms which can be worn with kurtis. Black is a universal color and hence used extensively. It can be used in combination with any color. Women who wear black low neck blouses, kurtis or tops prefer dark undergarments which are normally made from black Lycra fabric. It also absorbs sweat easily and keeps a person dry and therefore it is very comfortable. As the fabric is sensitive, it should not be run in washing machines. Black Lycra fabric is now a preffered material for making churidars suits. It can be worn by women of all ages. It is a color for dressing up for formal occasions. With crystals embedded on a kycra kameez, it can spell black magic for an important evening. Suits made from this material are sold worldwide. It is also available in white and other shades. With adjustable material, a high fashion quotient and value for money, the material is a boon to the fashion industry.

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