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White seems to have returned as the most cool shade this season. It has often been revived when too much vibrant colors have dominated the fashion scene. Many desi designers have already introduced some chic white patterns. The leading designers of the soil have time and gain taken recourse at the roots Indian culture and become inspired by it to create new stylish cuts. And such is the magic of that it never fails to inspire admiration from the onlookers. Even the cosmopolitan Indians and their nonresident brethren, who are suited with contemporary western clothes, love to get back with the traditional Indian dresses, latest in demand.

Well known Indian designers who make ethnic collections like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar and J J Vallya understand the pulse of the modern global woman. The current mood is that merging of the two different worlds. That is why designers use handlooms to create western Indian dresses. Multi colored appliqué work, chikan, white and turquoise embroidery on the neck and sleeves, scalloped strapped jamevar fit kameez, crinkle chiffon, gold chiffon, poppy banarsi are already the latest trends. Experimentation is the new mantra for smart dressing for some buyers. The mix and match technique is making the right noise.

The current dress culture has inspirational sources from western tunics and necklines. The western standards are easily blended with the Indian sensibilities. The dresses naturally acquire a universal appeal. This is why even international pop stars are often seeing sporting several variants of Indian dresses, latest from the designer catalogues.

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