Traditional Indian Clothing

Indian clothing has always been influenced by a lot of factors. Weather is a very important aspect that decided the clothing culture of a particular place in India. It is very important to keep in mind the diverse weather conditions that can be extreme at times.

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Cotton clothing is the most common in India. Women prefer wearing cotton sarees whereas men wear cotton shirts and trousers. Saree is the most commonly worn garment in India. It is colorful, ethnic and very traditional. Saree bears a historical value to it and looks beautiful on an Indian woman. Apart from sarees, a lot of women wear salwar kameez which is two piece clothing. Mostly worn in the northern part of India, salwar kameez is primarily the preferred Indian clothing for the contemporary working women. Besides there is ghagra choli which is still worn by a lot of villagers in the western belt of India. The ghagra choli looks like a half saree and a dupatta is worn along with it. Though there are a lot variations as far as womenís clothing is concerned, men are not left with much of a choice.

Traditional Indian menís wear would ideally consist of kurta payajama. Dhoti is also worn during important ceremonies. Jodhpuri and Sherwani are also counted amongst some of the traditional menís wear. The traditional Indian clothing consists of vibrant colors, cuts and vivid work on them. A lot of embroidery, soft fabric, brocade work and rich colors make every piece of Indian clothing a kaleidoscope.

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