JJ Valaya

J.J Valya-Indian Fashion DesignerThe Indian fashion designer JJ Valaya in 1989 joined the national institute of fashion technology in new Delhi. And then he became the first Indian student to win the Prix incintation at the young designer international competition held in Paris.

The Indian International designer JJ Valaya was born in the great city of jodhpur in Rajasthan. His actual name was Jagsharan Jit Singh Ahuwalia, and out of this label JJ Valaya was bear.His mother was a great designer of kids clothing and his brother is a fantastic cartoonist and his aunt a very creative interior designer, so it was nothing rare for him to join the creativity and be the best among them as a fashion designer.

India’s premier fashion designer, as he has earned a name that fascinates the world, all over and that is what has made him world’s one among the most inspiring and successful designers. Although the Valaya group encompasses wide areas like apparels, home furnishing, accessories etc. Yet his most unique and wonderful collection are those of royal masterpiece apparels under the mantra of the ‘future the past’. In 1991 he won the Elyxa award at the NIFT graduation show, New Delhi, there only won the thaper dupant medal for using the fabric in the most innovative way. And in 1992 won the prize for Alumni Competition at NIFT held in Bombay. He says that "my job is all about imagination”.

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