Kavita Bhartia

Kavita Bhartia-Indian Fashion DesignerKavita Bhartia is also a well known Indian fashion designer in her own right and launch her label in 1989. She plays both parts with grace. As a Indian fashion designer, her designs blend Indian tradition with international trends to create look that is universal yet Indian in spirit. A pioneering name in the Indian fashion movement, Kavita has a design philosophy that amalgamates traditional Indian craftsmanship with innovative western silhouettes to create a look that is enigmatic and distinctive.

Kavita Bhartia, whose dual identities are some times confusing. She is a multifaceted personality , she has made her mark in different spheres of the fashion industry. The brand Kavita Bhartia, since inception, has been the perfect showcase for the richness and traditions of Indian couture and prÍt. The presence of traditional materials and techniques, with pioneering treatments, bring the element of surprise in every ensemble of her line.

Kavita has a standalone store in the middle lane of khan market, New Delhi. Her label has ventured into newer terrains with exports to countries like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Greece, Spain, France and US, which is reflection of her growing customers in India and abroad. Her collections right now is all about modern wear. And it is such that any body can recognize it right away and she always said 'what she did that is unique and you will not find it anywhere else'. As is her signature style, this Indian fashion designer has incorporated a classic yet multipurpose collection that is an electric combine of fusions silhouettes with accompaniments.

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