Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill-Indian Fashion DesignerHaving fulfilled an correlate degree from NIFT New Delhi in 1991. Ranna Gill amplified this with a bachelors degree from fashion institute of technology, New York. Rannas determining years as an imprison were well spent under the tutelage of some of the leading lights of the fashion industry in India and abroad.

Starting out with Rohit Khosla afterward going on to do a stretch with Donna Karan. Her learning curve emerged with her experience at the respected and exacting fashion house of ‘Polo’ Ralph Louren- the womens wear division of Madison, New York.Answering the call of her roots Ranna come back to India, creating a self styled label under her name. Her collection is very modern and versatile and would appeal to both- domestic as well as international buyers.

Ranna Gills Ikat collection is always high in demand, the collection is sure to be an every girls wish. Ranna explained her collection to all those present at length she has designed day wear with ikkat prints specially for working women, one can contentedly wear these clothes for meeting and interview. Ranna encompassing several silhouettes, the clothes include kimonos, wraps, pinafore, pleated empires, dolman sleeved tunics, bibbed jersey tops and clinchwaisted tea long dresses with flounced hems. All the clothes of Ranna Gill are simple, ready to wear and have an international appeal. Primarily in colors like warm red, fuschia, indigo blue, turquoise, muted gold and green are the selected colors of Ranna Gill. She is a tremendous designer in the fashion world.

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