Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri-Indian Fashion DesignerA famous Indian fashion designer, some would even say she has arrived , however she know she has far to go yet before she reach goal- avowed repeatedly, by her past years of success and failures, frustrations and triumphs- to achieve international recognition not merely as an Indian Fashion designer but as a cosmopolitan mainstream designer who can attract every woman.

She is a graduate from Delhi University in 1987 and enrolled in the national institute of fashion technology in 1988. Her occupation is fashion designing and she knows English, French and Hindi languages. She is the only Indian fashion designer to be featured in promo style’s magazine 'Acustyl', which fore cast fashion trends, world wide.

Ritu Beri is the author of the personal fashion book, 101 ways to look good. She also serves on the board of Governors at NIFT, and is honorary Parton of the Savera Association, a popular charity involved in improving the lives of Indian women.

Ritu Beri is the only Indian Fashion designer to head French fashion brand, Scherrer. She imagine a world of color, where creativity runs on the engine of passion, shape, textures and touch in a pattern leads to the creation of fashion. Her inspiration comes from what makes her generation tick. Ritu Beri, the countries most versatile and dynamic designer is creating a revolution in Indian fashion. She does not restrict herself to fashion alone, but is also devoted to causes-both fashionable and otherwise, this has given her the mantle, as the leader of Indian fashion world.

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