Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar- Indian Fashion DesignerIndia is a fashionable land and the country spread its fashion color on every aspect. It is a great formula by which the whole worlds people returns a good feedback. And all the credit goes to Indian fashion designers. Among the all Ritu Kumar is the most shining personality.

If you are looking to make a real fashion with flaunting designer dress, then the first name that will encounter is that of Ritu Kumar. Though better known as the lady who dresses, Indian beauties, Ritu Kumar is India’s fore most designer and is largely responsible for reviving India’s textile and embroidery heritage. She has boutiques in India’s metros where one can pick her clothes.

Considered as a revivalist in the Indian fashion industry, Ritu Kumar is one of India’s leading designers. She work on six or seven collections simultaneously-they are for all ages from 18 to 80. Her traditional range is considered the couture of India.

Most of her designs, how ever sell under the Ritu Kumar label, which is more casual, aimed at a younger customer- though it is not funky , it is not street fashion. Her clients want the comfort zone that her clothes offer. She knows that the Indian women has an hour glass figure, with a good midriff, and backs are important.Right now her team in a good cycle and it will come round again(it is good to revisit). Ritu Kumar has also written a book named, customs and textiles of royal India.

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