Satya Paul

Satya Paul-Indian Fashion DesignerAmong the Indian fashion designers Satya Paul is one of the leading personality. Satya Paul was born in Leigha, Pakistan and came to India during the partition time. He is a pioneer in the fashion industry; he is the founder of the two best stores in the country- Heritage and L affaire. They have both been at the forefront of fashion retailing since the early seventies.

This exposure, as well as working with weavers in their own village, travel to the west for export since the seventies told him to start marketing the work that he was doing as a ‘designer brand’. Satya Paul, his label was launched seeing the future of fashion industry in 1985. The Satya Paul brand is the premier designer brand for sarees, fabrics, ties and scarves. He is extremely versatile as a Indian fashion designer, playing with element and design, and fabric from all over the world.

As a Indian fashion designer he has been a supporter and promoter of the various crafts of weaving from all over the country and also one to use the latest in technology to create design from all over the world. One of his major contribution to Indian fashion designing has been the change in the way the saree and salwar kameez by innovating the vary form and drape of it. Over the last seventeen years Satya Paul has earned respectable patronage from customers in many international markets like Japan, UAE, France, Italy, Germany and UK. In the Indian market Delhi remains the strongest bastion accounting for 30 percent of the entire business while the global market generates 15 percent of the brands total business.

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