Kameez Shalwar

There are many varieties of salwar kameez for both men and women from India and Pakistan. A salwar is also spelt shalwar in some areas of the northern belt. Men in the region of NF provinces call shalwar and wear them baggy. In the cold regions the voluminous drapes keep the body warm. And what about the fashion call? Well the baggy drape is more like pleats for the women who wear kameez shalwar. The men still don the original kind with less regard to fashion.

Kameez shalwar was a part of traditional dressing and it is still. Unlike many other traditional dresses, Salwar kameez did not oppose the advent of the new age dressing parameters. But, alternatively it accepted many features of the contemporary and even western dressing. As a result they are very much in trend and will continue to rule the fashion world. The other quality that helped kameez shalwar to gain tremendous popularity is that it fits any occasion. It can be made out of variety of fabrics and stylish cuts. From a casual day out to workplace, from formal parties to informal get together, one just can fit in into kameez shalwar with equal Úlan. Not all everyday women has hour glass figure but they all want to look good. The good news is that they can all fit into this dress and look good as well. It also suits every kind of budget.

With latest fashions appearing online regularly, in every season both men and women can get the best designs.

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