Latest Churidar Designs

Traditionally women were expected to dress in way society liked them to. Now with her will and comfort the ladies churidar designs have changed the dressing style. The average woman has broken free from the stifling norms. She now dresses not only to maintain decency but gives priority to her own comfort and likes to look stylish. In her quest for freedom of dressing, the one dress that has always remained faithful to includes the latest churidar designs. The churidar is a variant of the traditional salwars. Though the salwars were high on comfort quotient, but some women found them to score low on style factor.

The tight fitting churidar with several rings towards the end adds style to the attire. It can be worn with different kinds of kameez and kurtis. It brings in a kind of formal look to the entire getup. It also helps women to look slim and is the first choice with plus sized women. While salwar may add to their size, a churidar reduces to considerably. Though it is not as comfortable as the salwar but that is a little price one has to pay for style.

Recently, designers have devised different kinds of churidars, some of them are extra tight and is worn with the formal suites, for those who are not so comfortable with the extra tight ones there are the standard ones and the one that are but loose towards the upper portion of the leg. Then there are the adjustable ones that can be fitted to any size. From the baggy patialas to the flimsy churidars, variety is everywhere.

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