Latest Churidar Models

Keeping pace with the changing perception of style among women, there garment industry and the fashion designers have put their best skills. They have refused to stick with the traditional norms and added to it with their master strokes with the latest churidar models. At present the churidar has quite a few variants. The one that has escalated the stairs of popularity at jet speed is the legging churidar. Since they are made out of stretchable fabrics, they are a pet with women of all sizes. They can be easily mixed and matched with different kameezes and kurtas. These ready to wear leggings are generally made out of fabrics like lycra and cotton. They are faithful to towards the look and style as latest churidar models display.

The one issue that women faced with the traditional churidar was to keep the churi or the bangle like pleats in place. Often designers would experiment with several fabrics but the problem persisted with some alterations. With the stitched Churidars, they have found a suitable solution. The stitched churidars have the gathering at the end stitched to the perfection. Those who like to wear readymade churidar often face issues like if they are either tight or loose. With the adjustable churidars at hand such issues have been effectively solved. These have buttons skillfully fixed towards the end part. If someone wants to be tight then the buttons can be fixed otherwise they can be left open.

With passing time the latest churidar models will rock the fashion racks.

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