Ghagra Choli Designs

Ghagra choli is a perfect blend of culture and tradition along with modern and opulent look. Ghagra choli designs speak of the sumptuous, vibrant and myriad colors woven into elaborate and metaphorical designs that are reverberating throughout the world. The innate ghagra choli designs not only speak of the intricate craftsmanship of Indian designers but make them a wonderful dressing experience.

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New ghagra choli designs include a gracious ghagra with a tight fitting choli in a long or quarter sleeve. Also, there are many fabrics used in the traditional attire. Cotton is used rarely though even as synthetic makes way for more styles and patterns. Silk also always create a rich look for the dressing. Also, Jodhpuri ghagra cholis designs are famous worldwide and popular for parties and weddings. The off-shoulder ones are also hot. The stress is on the sensuous feminine look.

Today, there are numerous ghagra cholis designs inspired by the booming Indian fashion industry. One can vary the collar, sleeve and length as they like according to personalized taste and style. Originally, Indian cholis only covered the front, now they have evolved to include versions covering front and back to midriff.

Ghagra choli is one ensemble that is beyond any words of expression. If teamed with a flowing ghagra, a solitary strap choli in a bright color can make a woman look absolutely gorgeous. Ghagra choli designs can be used with the umbrella-cut ghagra with a bare shoulder halter neckline choli in lustrous velvet. It gives a haunting look to the entire ensemble.

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