Ghagra Choli Patterns

Ghagra choli being a favorite among young women today as a traditional wear, has been designed into various patterns to suit the likings and figures.

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The most popular styles include:

A-CUT - The ghagra in A-cut style has a little flair, being narrow on the top and wide at the bottom. This ghagra choli pattern is among the most popular and traditional one, as also being the ever green as far as fashion style is concerned.

STRAIGHT CUT - a Straight cut ghagra does not have flair at all. There are generally slits either on the sides or at the back to give a comfortable leg movement to the wearer. Straight cut ghagra choli patterns are usually suited to thin women.

UMBRELLA CUT - This pattern as the name suggests has a big flair at the bottom of the skirt of the ghagra choli. Umbrella cut makes the ghagra choli pattern look rich. It accentuates the upper-torso. If teamed with a stylish halter neck or a backless choli, the umbrella cut ghagra choli pattern gives a sexy look.

FISH CUT - This pattern is an amalgamation of a tight western skirt pattern on the ghagra choli. This style is also suited best to slim-bottom girls and looks extremely fashionable if teamed with a backless choli and a heavy dupatta.

Along with these patterns there are several other styles that have been adopted by the designers today to give the traditional ghagra choli patterns a more versatile and sensuous look to attract the new generation of buyers.

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