Manish Malhotra Anarkali

Manish Malhotra is like the touchstone of fashion; anything that he creates has something extraordinary and is valuable. Even the simplest of his creations have earned laurels both in India and overseas. He is the man behind turning some of the beautiful ladies of Bollywood into9 style divas. Traditional wear forms a very important section of his work. He never misses to add an innovative touch to each of his creations and this separates him from the rest.

Apart from styling Bollywood stars, the coveted designer has showcased his beautiful collections in various fashion shows. Simultaneously he has designed costumes for many movies. It is generally said that he played a very important role in popularizing the Anarkali dress among fashion conscious Indian women as well as the NRIs.

One of the remarkable features of his creations is the cuts. He uses them in a way any one else would hardly think of them. His asymmetrical, pleated and the several other cuts have been craze that spread like wild fire. He is often seen playing with colors but his creations in base colors like white and black have been the all time favorite. Another typical feature of his anarkali salwars is that they often sport bright contrast piping in the hem. He also uses typical metallic colors like gold, silver and copper for embellishment. His embroideries are distinctly made.

His collections are available in his stores or else can also be accessed over the internet through online shopping mechanism. With Manish Malhotra one really learns to think different and be unusual.

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