Masakali Salwar

When the moguls came in, they also brought along with them a few parts of their culture. Out of which, one is the mogul dressing tradition. Masakali Salwar is the trademark of mogul culture. It was also very popularized by a Hindi film track, ‘Masakali’, which was released in 2009.

The kali piece covers the bust in the front and the back. The flare of the kurta can be kept medium or it can be an umbrella shape cut. Both the designs are equally favored and opted, because no matter what the flare is, the kali on the bust looks makes the dress very pretty. Girls usually go in for full sleeves, as they enhance the beauty of the dress. The hemline is usually magnified by adding sequins. The kameez extends up to the knee level is embellished. Often, net material is also chosen to design the Masakali Salwar, and lining of crepe material is provided. The salwar and kameez are usually chosen in contrasting colors, which give a soothing blend.

These are also available online, and stores have a wide variety of colors, designs and prices to offer.

These are fast becoming a popular choice for party wear because of its eye-catching pattern. One can wear it to parties, festivities, simple social gatherings or even to college. Designers are coming up new designs, gracefully combining creativity with aesthetic value. A favorite for festivals like diwali and eid, these interestingly schemed dresses must be a part of every girl’s wardrobe.

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