New Churidar Styles

Mogul breeches, long drawers or mosquito drawers, call it by any name, the churidar continues to remains a popular outfit among both women and men. As we all know, the churidar is a tight fitting pant, worn mostly with an Indian version of the tunic or a loosely fit top. It was popularly worn by Kathak dancers in India, with a skirt on top, and blouse covering the upper portion. The new churidar styles, accentuates the figure, silhouetting the legs, giving a very feminine get up.

Churidars have increasingly gained popularity and re-innovation over the years. Inspired from Indian movies, more and more girls are opting for new churidar styles. They are always showcased in fashion shows and are available at all successful stores. Readymade churidars are available of various fabrics. Getting a churidar stitched needs an experienced tailor because one needs to pay of attention while tailoring it.

New churidar kameez come in with either a lot of or less crunch at the ankle, which is the buyer’s decision. Pakistani churidars, V churidars, anarkali churidars, star churidars are only some to start with, when it comes to naming the new churidar styles. Lycra, cotton, silk or crepe. These new churidars comes in a lot of varieties of fabrics. Each has to be designed very carefully, especially when there is a design to sport on the outer side of the cloth. Most of the well known retail stores and boutiques have the latest designs of churidars. They are also easily available online.

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