New Kameez Designs

When it comes to new kameez designs, the anarkali suit takes away all the attention. This new design takes its name from the famous Mogul rule, where courtesans used to wear it. Although their origin dates back in history; they donít fail the test of style. In fact, chosen by high class executive women to girls in the young age group, from all income classes, make it a must in their wardrobe, because this pretty, feminine attire is a must have, if she wants to stay abreast, with the new kameez designs.

These designs make a normal girl next door seem royal and grand. Such is its design. It is so, because of the flare it has. The bust is tight fitting and after that, an umbrella like structure forms the flare. There is the kameez with resembles the churidar, with a lot of crunch up at the sleeves, which are full length. The spaghetti has taken a toll here too, as the market has seen introduction of spaghetti kameez designs.

The length is also varying. Girls who want to show off their silhouetted legs, can go in for short kameez whereas girls who are a little conscious can opt for a little longer kameez. The Anarkali kameez usually is long, because the length beautifies the flare. Girls who are tall are the perfect models for the anarkali design kameez. Patiala with short kurtas, leggings as churidars, with quarter sleeves kameez, the Chinese collar kameez, sleeveless kameez is a few other new kameez designs.

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