New Salwar Suit

Salwar suits are one of the most important traditional attire of South Asian women. A basic salwar suit ensemble consists of three pieces Salwar, Kameez or kurta and dupatta. Salwar is the bottom piece whereas kameez is the top and dupatta is taken lightly over the shoulders. This attire gives a unique feminine feel to women. Even a new salwar suit follows the same pattern but with different cuts and color schemes.

After a brief setback, the era of salwar suits again revived during 1950s and gained more popularity as it was worn by Hindi film heroines in variety of styles and designs. The new salwar suits are still being copied by fans from their current matinee idols.

New salwar suit designs can be availed in many ways. The most common style is the Patiala salwar suit and Punjabi Salwar Suit. Parallel salwar suit is also coming fast in vogue and it has a straight cut just like a pant. It gives entirely different style to a woman. Similarly sharara salwar suit is another style that has wider leg pants just like a full skirt. Till knees, the pants are fitted and gather flare at the bottom.

Since salwar suits are most desired, comfortable and feminine, women are always looking for new salwar suits patterns. New salwar suits are designer, durable, quality, look and feel and this is the reason, the ensemble has reached stupendous heights. New salwar suits are available in myriad patterns and as such liked and loved by women of all age groups. Right from ethnic look, to formal cocktail salwar suits are available in the market and online stores.

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