Paithani Salwar

Paithani Salwar is commonly used by women and men of Pakistan, Indiaís northern neighbor. It is a very popular outfit there. It is their national outfit. Both men and women wear it as part of their culture. It is suitable for all age groups. Many people wear Paithani Salwar Kameez in Indian subcontinent. The paithani salwar kameez is characterized by baggy spacious legs, which narrow at the bottom, near the ankle region. In Pakistan the kameezís length is kept up to the knees. The salwars are normally tied to the waist, with the help of a drawstring.

Paithani Salwar has become quite popular globally. It seems that lots of experiments done while reaching to the style of this kind. Today they are available in attractive designs and vibrant colors and are imbibed into this piece of clothing.

Depending upon their liking and taste one can choose if they want to go in for contrasting colors or similar colors. Patiala salwar and paithani salwar share lots of similarities as well as differences. There are several differences though. The patiala salwar has a number of pleats on the belt below the drawstring which is not there on paithani salwar. Paithani salwar is worn on several occasions such as in case festive season is near, men and women alike will wear this attire.

For men, the kameez is designed in a different way, usually traditionally long and looks very remarkable on a tall man. The popularity of these dresses can be seen in the international shows, weddings and parties.

Very different from Indian traditional Indian salwars, Paithani salwar has carved a niche for itself.

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