Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistan means the Land of the Pure. It is a sovereign state in South Asia. It is surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran and India. It is in the tropical zone. Why should we know all this? Well. For any place, the traditions that are formed are highly influenced by the geographic, historic details of the place. With the Moguls ruling over the people at one time in the history, we can see a lot of impact by the popularity of Pakistani salwar kameez.

Coming to the Pakistani salwar kameez, it remains the national dress for Pakistan. It is widely worn by men and women in the nation. Mostly cotton is chosen as the fabric as it helps the people manage the heat in the country. The salwar is a loosely fit trouser, which falls along the leg, and is held at the waist with the help of a drawstring or an elastic band. The waist of the salwar is double the actual size of the waist to provide comfort. Extra material is added along the thighs for easy movement, and the bottom is also large compare to the ankle, so that the foot can slide in easily.

The kameez is almost always full sleeved and never low neck. It covers the front and back of a girl and a dupatta must be worn on top of it. The kameez is up to the knee and has either a straight of wide flare. This dress has gained worldwide popularity with Pakistanis settling abroa

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