Pakistani Earrings

A candid confession of love for jewelry is what it takes to taste the treasure of Pakistani jewelry. Here there is no rivalry between tradition and modern. For traditional jewelry is so much in fashion. But the modern ones are nothing but slightly modified versions.

Of all kind jewelry, it is earrings that women love to wear daily and also for social events. While other pieces are meant for specific occasions but women need no occasion to wear trendy earrings. So, they are not only best buys but are among most loved gifts as well. Traditionally, Pakistani Earrings are heavy in nature. The chandelier earrings have heavy ‘kundan’ or ‘jadau’ work done on them. Some designs made of pure gold are also very part of traditional collection. But with the changing dressing style and emancipated feminine role in the professional world, there have been a noted change in designs. In recent times, the daily wear collection is among the most sought after. In many instances, they are just the miniature forms of the elaborate designs. Those made out of diamonds are popular among buyers. They look elegant and suit variety of dresses. The festive earrings featuring traditional designs have many takers as well.

The boutique jewelry stores play a pivotal role in popularizing the jewelry pieces from Pakistan. Not only have they showcased innovative designs, but feature special fusion segments. The 22k or 18k earrings, the pearl earrings, are made of various other gems. They are among the most sought after collections

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