Pakistani Kaftan

It seems strange to reckon that the thousand and one Arabian nights have culminated when one sees that their influence is not only limited to bed time stories but to fashion conscious women. How else would one explain the renewed interest that women from farthest corner of the world are showing over Kaftans? Originally a dress worn in the Arabic world, Pakistan has played pivotal role in keeping the dress in fashion. The influence of the Pakistani Kaftan is so strong that almost all leading online fashion stores store them. The Pakistani Kaftan Dresses have seen many variations. The designer made Kaftans are made out variety of fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin. Along with traditional floral prints, there are digital prints, and geometric prints.

Some women may have dilemma where to wear these flowing gowns? Well, they are the most fashionable and yet very comfortable casual dresses to be worn at home. The Pakistani Kaftan Dresses has been influenced by its Arabic counterparts. They are pretty much in demand by the locals in many cities.

There is a lot of experimentation with the enormous sleeves. Traditionally, the Kaftan sleeves are long, baggy sleeves which are loose towards the end. The designer kaftan styles dresses often have various other kinds of sleeves.

The kaftans can be easily procured from the internet. The online shopping carts specialized for Pakistani dresses or ethnic dresses have special segment for Kaftans. The prices largely vary in accordance to the base material used and the kind of embroidery work.

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