Patiala Salwar Designs

Patiala salwar kameezes originated in Punjab, North India. It can be traced to be one of the oldest versions of salwar kameez and it is still in vogue. Flared down from the waist and gathered in several pleats, it is distinct and worn by men and women alike in India, Pakistan and even Afghanistan. It is very similar to the pathani salwar that is worn only by men in the Northern provinces. Voluminous drapes make the bulky frame of the Patiala salwar. Now even the kids wear it easily. The designs feature numerous pleats. In Punjab it is called pattian wali salwar.

The wobbly lower part of the trendy trouser has been modified in 2010. The ankle is very broad and falls to the floor. It covers up the mojaries worn with it. The other style is when the bottom is up at ankle length like the normal salwar. But the main difference is the pattian that gather from the waist or from the broad pati reaching the lower thighs. All the styles of the Patiala salwar designs require double the amount of fabric to give the effect. The gathers are collected at the ankle. Women who are tall can carry this style. It is also called baggy or shahi style as once upon a time it was worn only by the royalty. The contemporary style now has trouser frame as the most suitable design. Still used for weddings in some regions it is also embroidered like the kameez. Luxurious silk fabric Patiala salwar designs can be appropriate for wearing at weddings.

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