Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suits

Many buyers ask for Punjabi Patiala salwar suits specifically. This is because it is the most basic and authentic version of the popular garment that is now exported overseas. There are many versions of the Punjabi suits and also of Patiala salwars. But the most original ones emerge from the state of Punjab. The true version of the Patiala salwar will need at least 4.5 meters of cloth for stitching. Nearly 2.5 meters is required for the kameez. Anything that is less than that will be a compromise. 7 meters of fabric or a combination can be afforded by the rich women only. But today, economic independence has helped middle class women also to wear the Punjabi Patiala salwar suits.

The cutting by the old time tailors reveal that not all knew how to make the drapes and pleats. Only a handful of them knew how to design and stitch them. Today when designers search for the right tailors they identify the ones who know how to make the right cuts. The Patiala salwar suit is made from the entire panna or also called the ars of the cloth. Nearly double cloth is utilized, for the Patiala salwar to emerge. Several layers are then made into pleats and tucked and stitched into the waistline. Some tailors also add a separate layer rather than tucking at the waist directly. This helps in giving the woman a flat stomach rather than gathered pleats. This sums the Punjabi version of the Patiala salwar suit.

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