Salwar Kameez Fabrics

The threads define the basic structure of all salwar suit fabrics. The threads of beauty originate from different kinds of fabrics. Some of them are natural like cotton, silk and Jute. Others like Chiffon, georgette, crepe polyester are factory made. The choice between the natural fabrics and the factory made is not easy. Each has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

People living in warm climate would prefer natural fabrics like cotton and silk. It helps them defeat the heat. But then there are some designs and embroidery works that come only with stuff like chiffon and georgette.

Fabrics are like the ABCD of any design. The designer makes and extensive study prior to using it for a particular print for any salwar suits fabrics. Some responsibility also rests with the buyer to know the fabric before buying the stuff. Not all fabrics suit different body types. Like chiffon has the ability to make one look slimmer. On the hand Jute will add to the volume. Cotton tends to stick to the body contours and will not help hide the extra fat here and there.

Fabrics are determinant of the kind of embroidery work or prints and Salwar is designated to showcase. Some of the traditional prints like Bandhni and Chudni are best displayed on cotton, though they are also found on silk and other fabrics. Certain kind of embroideries like Kashmiri works and resham works are best displayed on silk. They are also found on chiffon. Chiffon is for Zari, dubka, mirror, sequins and various other kinds of embroideries. It looks fabulous when the lightness of the fabrics is played against heavy embroidery work.

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