Salwar Kameez Fashion

There are pictorial evidences to the fact that salwar kameez fashion were common in the Ottoman court. In fact they were apart of the royal garment. Then they were taken up by the Afghan and the Mughal rulers. Since they invaded India, the land quickly absorbed this dress and remains faithful to it till date.

It inspires awe to think that a dress that has such a long courtship with history is still is fashion. The Indian immigrants to the rest of the world have played major role in introducing this dress to the western world with some notable fusion.

The salwar kameez fashion is the true reflection of tradition with modern elements in it. Perhaps because of this the dress is equally popular with teen aged girls and their even the octogenarian grandmas, with mothers and sisters having their own share.

The world has seen many forms of this extremely gorgeous dress. If the Anarkali ones have been the flavor of the part season, the cotton salwars have been a breather to the casual wardrobe. The silk ones have been the first choice of conservative dressing. They have also made their place into corporate events and formal occasions.

The salwar kameez fashion is here to stay. The promising experimentation by renowned designers has opened new vistas to the dress. They have added unique elements to the dress. With every fashion season the salwar kameez fashion acquires a fresh lease of life. True, the trend is slated to race at an increased momentum in coming years.

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