Salwar Kameez

Today on a global level we can say the salwar kameez has now come of age. It may have had humble beginnings, but today they are on the international fashion map. The buyers, designers and also exporters have made it available worldwide. The latest designs now display how it has been able to adjust with the changing times. Today, an extremely popular outfit it has been taken to the height of fashion by film stars who wear it in films and also for social occasions. Today, the salwar kameez and its different designs have been adopted by many designers. With fusion they are now being sold to foreigners too.

Salwar kameez have taken up so wide in the market that now a day people actually prefer to wear, them even for weddings. Yes, it’s the hit list style and at beat list that now a day’s brides prefer salwar kameez for their wedding. The loose salwar with tight body fit kameez and entire printed dupatta draped all over the salwar; one can give nice back patter as well in the salwar. There are lots of styles in market one can go and check it and also stitch it the way they want to or one can go for readymade as well. Everything on and everybody on the universe can have satisfying life apart from “Women” especially with regards to fashion and clothes the only quote they follow is “yeah dil mangey more”. After cotton, chiffon and many such materials they next is brocade and jamevar salwar kameez. They are all time fashionable, be it party or be it occasion be it religious function or any other period this salwar kameez looks good everywhere. What more does a lady needs. The original salwar kameez of northern India is now evolved into an international outfit.

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