Salwar Kurta Styles

Women have always been in love with beauty and fashion. From legendary figures like Cleopatra to the neighborhood girl, everyone wants to dress well and look beautiful. Naturally the arena of feminine dresses is extremely enriched. Not all dresses have withstood the changing taste and preferences. But some dresses like Salwar Kurta have been in fashion through ages.

Style is the main artery that pumps in new life to the dress every time its existence has face rivalry. The concept of style encompasses every other associated aspect like cut, fabric, tailoring, embroidery and embellishments.

When one points out a Patiala salwar, it is its baggy salwar and short kurta that defines its style. This particular style has been incorporated in many different forms. Yet the originality of the style remains intact. Down the time many styles have been invented, popularized and then they fizzled out. Some of them have been reinvented. Such styles like boot cuts, parallel salwars, full sleeves and high neck have been dug out and top the chart in present times. The well structured salwars are much in fashion now. They sport different kinds of collars. Sleeves show variety in terms of full length, three quarters and sleeveless. They suit extremely well for formal events.

Salwar Kurta style is no longer provincial. In recent times all kind of salwars are popular all over India and even abroad. Cross border styling has been a much loved forte of the designers. All these have added to the gamut of style that salwar Kurta symbolizes.

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