Salwar Material

Salwar Kameez is not only all the rage in India but the fever is gripping the western world fast. The Indian subcontinent has produced several fabulous fabrics. Those have been put to use for creating wonderful garments. The salwar is among the best of them. Most of the traditional salwar materials are still in much use.

The salwar material plays an important part in deciding the character of the dress. The one made out of silk is exclusive and certainly comfortable. It is used to create wonderful designs. They are specially suited for part and festive wear. Those made out of natural fabric like silk are costly. They have to be washed and maintained with care.

The ones made out of cotton have been very popular. The fabric suits the warm climate of India. Its appeal is such that it is vastly used as casual wear even in cold places like UK and USA. Cotton can be used to create several kinds of salwars.

Chiffon is the first choice of the designers when making party wears. The lightness of the fabric makes it easy to carry. It supports several kinds of embroideries and embellishments. When done with heavy embroideries, they look gorgeous. Many contemporary deigns are made out of the fabric chiffon.

Crepe is also used to create nice salwars. The crepe salwars can be structured well. The material supports different kind of deigns and cuts.

There are several other fabrics like georgette, Voile, Organza and Satin etc which are put to use to create different kind of salwars.

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