Salwar Suit Designer

The free run to creativity is best explored by fashion designers. They make such apparels that make one fall in love at first sight. The best known characteristic of the designer salwars is the artistic clubbing of several forms, cuts, materials and embroideries.

Salwar suit designer bear the signature style of the renowned designers. Other may be inspired by famous lines. Many designers often surrogate world by others and offer creative inputs to budding artists.

The salwar suit designers are exclusive in style and form. The famous designer collections by the likes of Manish Malhotra and Ritu Beri are like pearl from the ocean. One the one they create new styles. In some other occasions, they are instrumental in reviving old fashions. The best example of this is the Anarkali salwar. It was the staple dress of the Muhgal era. But down the line, its lost it popularity until some coveted designers reinvented the glamour and beauty of this dress. In present times, it is the first choice of many divas.

When shopping from designer lines, look for the stuff that has merged characters of the east and the west. They have brilliantly incorporated some of the western dressing parameters into the India and Pakistani salwar. Cuts like A-cut and straight cut, sleeveless, noodle straps, and off shoulder were completely alien concept for salwar kameez unless the designer took the mantle.

But the designer collections are often costly and infamous for burning hole into pockets. But that is a little price compared to the great style that they bring in.

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