A salwar is best teamed with a kameez that brings out it best properties. The salwar has many avatars-churidhar, Patiala, pant, trousers, baggy breaches, leggings, parallels and boot cut. It i s a part of the Punjabi suit that is wore primarily as everyday wear. It is comfortable and adjustable to the tropical climates in the Asian subcontinent. The traditional kind is still worn simply without any fashion aspect to it.

And in the urban areas the salwar is trendy if carried well; it can become a style statement. The urban women have adapted this humble attire to suit several occasions. For instance, the tailors can be told the pattern they need to stitch. With proper reference they are able to satisfy their clients. A salwar can be tight or loose fitting depending on the comfort level of the woman. Some women prefer to use elastic bands instead of drawstrings. But the latter are better as they are more adjustable.

In many western countries where Indian and Pakistani women have settled, the salwar kameez is a no more a novelty. It is accepted attire. In fact some foreigners have admired it so much that they have made a fusion to suit their style. Hence many foreign women like to wear the pleated salwar and instead of the kameez they put a T-shirt. As long as the garment is adaptable in mainstream fashion, it will evolve. Just like the way the skirt has been adapted, so is the humble Indian salwar.

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