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Dhakai Sarees

There are several kinds of different weaves that produce the magic to give the six yard saree its specialty. From the eastern sector the Dhakai sarees have emerged as the exclusive Bengal version. They originate from Dhaka, which used to be a part of India once. The ethnic roots have remained and so has the technique of making this pretty version of the Indian saree

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One of the lightest and softest drapes of all times, the Dhakai sarees has richness and opulence in them. They come in vibrant shades that are a part of Indian and Asian fashion. They derive their name from Dhaka city of Bangladesh from where the muslin used for it was brought in the 18th century. It is said the weavers need to take great care of these sarees as they are hand woven especially in the mornings and afternoons or else the strong sunlight can snap their threads. This means that the fibers are extremely delicate and one of the most expensive around the world.
The Dhakai sarees have won fans all over the world, and are considered the most sought after in Europe, Americas and Asia. Available in beautiful, bright colors with great embroidery patterns, today, they are worn for special occasions. They have an immensely subdued look and are basically crafted in silk fabrics. But with changing times have also been made in georgette and faux silk. There are many styles in Dhakai sarees available, with embroidery, beads, sequins, stones which give it a bright, rich look.


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