Sharara Salwar Kameez

The delicacy of the Urdu language and nawabi style is legendary. So is the way some of the Muslim ladies dress up in sharara salwar kamez. It is one of the most impeccable styles to grace the fashion world in the Asian subcontinent. Made from sheer, silk or satin it spells aristrocracy in a big way. It has been the staple costume dress of the nawabi and nobles that make up the elite class in Islamic heirarcy. Both in India and Pakistan one can still see some of the best designs that women of the upper crest wear.

The best time to see these beautiful styles is during marriage celebrations or festivals like EID. Even young girls can be seen wearing good colors with lovely accessories. It is the perfect designer wear for special occasions. Since it is an elaborate costume, it is not worn for daily wear. The sharara salwars are wide against the narrow versions that are regularly worn. They are also flared just like the skirts. They are long and leave a trail like that of a gown but albeit a much smaller one. Anyone wearing a designer sharara salwar kameez can really look like a princess. The upper part or kameez varies in size and style. Generally they have short length, and short sleeves. However, young women prefer sleeveless tops with widely cut neck. The back depth sometimes varies in length.

This is the unique outfit, which is a complete mix of tradition and modernity in terms of style and appearance. It is a complete blend of eastern and western fashion. That is the reason for its popularity among youth and teenagers.

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