Traditional Salwars

Basically the salwar is a part of the Indian ensemble, the salwar kameez. The salwar as one can say is a loosely fit pajama-like pant. The traditional salwar is wide from top, and has a pleated belt of around four to five inches, attached to it. It holds on to the waist by a drawstring or an elastic band. From below the knees, it is basically like a trouser or a pant, thus justifying why it is named so. The word salwar is derived from a Persian word which means pants. One might find it amusing that the size of the salwar at waist is double the size of the actual size of the waist to make it comfortable to wear. It also has ample space for the thighs, for added comfort. The size of the traditional salwar at the bottom is schemed in such a way that it leaves enough space to insert one’s foot.

The hippies have found this salwar pretty interesting and they wear it with fascinating t shirts, tunics giving the traditional salwar a whole new angle. In fact, in several Hindi movies, the female protagonist is noticed wearing these salwars in the same hippie style i.e. with a medium to long t- shirt.

This traditional salwar remains the eternal classic. It is also favored as a journey-attire because while traveling, one obviously prefers a comfortable, loose piece of dress, and this salwar provides you with exactly. You can get it stitched or can buy it pre-stitched.

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